Wood Fences

Wood fences give a property the classic look many homeowners desire. This type of fence is very versatile and can be used in many ways which include decoratively, to set boundaries, for privacy and to accentuate an area or landscape. The sizes and styles vary, with many options to choose from. Wood fences are unique in that no two fences are truly the same. In addition, you can customize them with paint or opt to stain them. Many customers choose to do neither and preserve the natural raw color and look of the type of wood used. The most commonly used wood for wood fences are cedar, pine, and redwood. Cedar tends to have more of a yellow tone whereas cedar has more of a reddish-brownish color to it. However, as the name implies, Western Red Cedar does have a red tint to it. Like regular cedar, pine also has a yellowish tone but is lighter. As far as which type of wood to use, it mostly comes down to preference. Our fence experts would love to discuss the different options with you.