Fence Repair

Whether your fence provides privacy, a boundary for your property, or both, you want it to remain looking its best and serving its purpose all year long. Sometimes fence damage is inevitable specially living in Florida where we have a higher incident of tropical storms and hurricanes. Other times, mother nature is not to blame but the damage non-the less needs to be repaired to preserve the beauty and/or functionality of your fence. Byers Fence can provide you with professionals who are experts at fence repair. We value reliability and timely service and strive to provide both to all our customers, so the repair process runs smoothly, and you’ll have a repaired fence in no time.

The first thing we will do is schedule an appointment for a free consultation and estimate on the repair. This consultation, allows us to see the type of fence you have and the extent of the damage to the fence. This will determine our approach to repairing it. We repair wood fences, vinyl fences, aluminum fences and chain link fences even if they were not installed by Byers Fence. We can also give you tips on maintenance, so the life of your fence is preserved.

When you look at your fence, are you disappointed with what you see? If so, it’s probably time to have a fence contractor come assess the problem and talk to you about the available options so that you can once again be satisfied with your investment. Schedule a free consultation with our fence experts so we can discuss your options and get started today.


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