Aluminum Fences

If you’re looking to have a metal fence installed, aluminum fences are a great option. They are considered much more durable than other metal fences such as wrought-iron and steel. In addition, they are also more cost effective than their other metal counterparts. These fences are rust resistant, so you won’t be worrying about corrosion in the long run. Aluminum fences can be installed in residential properties as well as commercial. They are often used around pools or to keep animals and children in an area. For this purpose, taller fences are used. Aluminum fences that are used as a decorative piece around landscape are often shorter in height. The most common color seen with aluminum fences is black, however these fences can be colored to compliment an existing area or to make a bold statement with a powdered coating. Aluminum fences also come in many styles. Some customers opt for the flat tops while others prefer the ornate look of a spear top. We can also do a combination of the two and have a flat top with spears. The spears can be arranged in a variety of ways such as staggered, concave and convex. The height range for these fences are typically from three feet to an impressive 12 feet of length depending on the application.