Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are also known as cyclone fences due to its ability to withstand high winds and storms quite well. For this reason, chain link fences are a great option for a state like Florida where hurricanes are a yearly threat. These fences are very affordable as they are much easier to install, and the materials aren’t as costly. Another great benefit of them, is the lack of maintenance they require. As with any outdoor structure, they do need some attention from time to time but upkeep is minimal.

Chain link fences are usually made from either galvanized or coated steel wire and the quality of the wire can vary. Light chain link fencing, although even more affordable, is not recommended for keeping pets in or for areas of severe weather as it is much weaker and easier to bend. For this reason, light chain link fences are often temporary solutions instead of a permanent structure. Byers Fence provides a free consultation where the best option for your needs will be assessed and discussed with you.