Essential Fence Inspection Checklist: A Picket of Guardrails Around Your Property

Essential Fence Inspection Checklist: A Picket of Guardrails Around Your Property

Essential Fence Inspection Checklist: A Picket of Guardrails Around Your Property


Your fence isn't just a decorative border; it's a sentinel guarding your property against the elements, encroachment, and sometimes letting the neighbor's dog know whose backyard it really is. In the humid clime of Debary, FL, where your fence faces not only typical wear and tear, but also the occasional hurricane season, ensuring your fence is in top condition is a year-round task. With this in mind, we've crafted a comprehensive fence inspection checklist to ensure that your wooden, vinyl, or metal palisade is in tip-top shape and ready to stand your grounds.


1. Assess with an Overview

Start by taking a walk around your entire fence. This bird's-eye view allows you to spot any general issues quickly, such as loose posts, warped panels, or overgrown vines that could weaken the structure with their weight or spread moisture that encourages rot.

2. Probing for Post Problems

Without a solid foundation, your fence is as good as a line in the sand. Use a screwdriver to gently prod the base of each post, checking for rot. Soft wood and the presence of decay are immediate red flags, signaling a post's need for repair or replacement.

3. Panel by Panel Perusal

Moving on to the panels themselves, inspect for any signs of damage like cracks or holes in vinyl, rust in metal panels, or wood decay. Look for any splintering or warping that might have occurred, and, if present, could compromise your fence's structural integrity.

4. Shoring Up Against Leaning and Looting

Stability is the key, and if any section of your fence is leaning, it is a clear indication of trouble. Leaning fences can be a potential hazard and may be a security risk as well. Address this problem as soon as possible by examining the cause - be it the foundation, the posts, or simply soil erosion.

5. Call in the Seal of Approval

Weatherproofing is crucial in Debary, FL. Ensure that your fence's protective coating is in good condition, especially after the hurricane season. Look for any areas in the paint or sealant that may have chipped or worn away, leaving the wood or metal exposed to the elements.

6. Got Wood? Treat with Care

If you've got a wooden fence, it's time to check the wood's condition. Softness, discoloration, and flaking are signs of trouble. Apply a water sealant to protect your wood against moisture which could lead to rot, mildew, and insects.

7. Wrought Iron Watchfulness

For metal fences, rust is the archnemesis. Check your fence for any signs of corrosion, paying special attention to joints and welded areas. A rust converter can help mitigate the issue, before applying primer and a fresh coat of paint to keep it looking new.

8. On the Level with Your Railings

Your fence should remain level, regardless of the terrain. Make sure that any fencing on a slope still maintains a consistent height. Use a level to check horizontal alignment periodically along the top of your fence.

9. Give Gaps a Give-Over

Gaps between panels or boards not only reduce your fence's privacy and security but also signal areas prone to extra stress during heavy winds. A quick adjustment can realign your fence to its protective mandate.

10. De-creeper Your Creepers

Vines and other plant life, while picturesque, can cause harm to your fence. They hold moisture close to the fencing, accelerating decay, and their weight can cause strain. Keep plant growth in check, particularly near fence structures.

11. Wheels at the Gate

Gates are the busiest portion of your fence and are subject to more wear. Check the hinges and latches for sagging, signs of rust, and general functionality. Ensure that your gate opens and closes with ease, and repair any issues to maintain accessibility and security.

12. Sound the Alarm for Alarms

If your fence is part of a security system, ensure that all components are in working order including motion sensors, cameras, and any electronic access components. A fence is only as strong as the security measures you have linked to it.

13. Know the Regulations

Fence adherence to local ordinances and homeowners' association rules can sometimes change. Make sure your fence still complies with any rules in place, as non-compliance can be costly and may require immediate attention to resolve.

14. Getting Professional Eyes on the Fencing Prize

Sometimes, nothing beats the expertise of a professional eye. Schedule regular inspections with fence contractors in Debary, FL to catch issues early and maintain the value and integrity of your investment.


In Debary, FL, a fence stands as much against the elements as it does neighbors and passersby. Regular inspection and maintenance are the keys to keeping this 'guard' in guardian condition. By employing a stringent post-by-post examination, you ensure that the barrier that you rely on maintains its role—protecting and enhancing your property, season after season. Remember, in the game of property protection and aesthetics, your fence is not just a player but often, the playing field itself. Take care of your fence, it takes care of so much for you. If you're looking for fence contractors in Debary, FL, contact Byers Fence today to schedule an appointment.