Types of Chain Link Fencing

Types of Chain Link Fencing

Types of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is one of the most popular and versatile fencing options available, and it offers a cost-effective solution for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. If you’re looking for chain link fencing in Daytona, there are several types of chain link fence to choose from. Keep reading to learn more about your options.


Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence

Galvanized steel chain link fences are the most common type of chain link fence. This type of fence is made from steel wires that have been coated with zinc to protect against corrosion. Galvanized steel chain link fences are durable and can last up to 20 years with minimal maintenance. They are also low-maintenance and easy to repair if they become damaged.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Vinyl coated chain link fence is similar to galvanized steel fence but is covered in a layer of vinyl for increased durability and protection against the elements. Vinyl coated chain links come in a variety of colors, including black, green, brown, beige, gray, white and yellow. These fences offer additional privacy due to the color choices as well as increased protection from weathering and corrosion.

Aluminum Chain Link Fence

Aluminum chain link fences are another popular option due to their lightweight design and rust-resistant properties. Aluminum chains are strong yet lightweight which makes them easier to install than heavier materials like steel or iron. Additionally, aluminum does not corrode or rust so it requires less maintenance than other types of metal fencing. It's also available in a variety of colors so you can customize your fence without sacrificing quality or strength.


Whether you need a cost-effective solution for residential use or a more durable option for commercial or industrial applications, there’s sure to be a type of chain link fencing that meets your needs in Daytona Beach area. From galvanized steel and vinyl-coated options to aluminum alternatives, there’s something for everyone when it comes to choosing the best type of chain link fencing for your specific needs! Contact Byers Fence to discuss which type is right for you and for a free project estimate!