Solutions to Keep Dogs From Digging Under Fence

Solutions to Keep Dogs From Digging Under Fence

Solutions to Keep Dogs From Digging Under Fence


Dogs are known to be inquisitive creatures, and sometimes they may want to explore beyond their enclosed perimeter. They can be a persistent bunch, and even the most secure fences may not be enough to keep them contained and safe. Whether you are a dog owner or a homeowner who is fed up with the constant digging and escaping of your furry friends, you will find this article helpful. In this blog post, we will explore some creative solutions to keep your dogs from digging under your fence.


Plant Shrubs or Install Plant Pots

Planting shrubs or installing plant pots can create a visually appealing way to prevent your dogs from digging under the fence. Your furry friends will have a harder time digging through the shrubs or pots, and it offers a natural way to keep your yard secure. Choose a plant that is thick and dense, like rosemary, lavender, or juniper, that will make it difficult and unpleasurable for your four-legged friends to dig through. It's important to note that some plants may be hazardous to your dogs when ingested, so consult a specialist before making your final decision.

Create a L-Shaped Footer

A footer is a solid base placed beneath your fence to prevent your dogs from digging underneath it. A simple L-shaped footer can have an immediate impact. By trenching a trench perpendicular to the fence, you create an integrated barrier, creating a more extensive area for your dog to dig, potentially discouraging the actual digging. You can install the footer yourself, or contact a professional fence contractor if you're not comfortable doing it.

Placing Large Rocks at the Base

It's a more inexpensive and natural solution to stop your dog from digging under your fence. It provides an uneven surface, making it challenging for your furry friend to dig thoroughly. Also, it adds a decorative touch to your garden or yard. Alternatively, you can use cinder blocks, small boulders, or even wooden logs that match your landscape and have large enough to close the gap under the fence.

Bury Chicken Wire

Burying chicken wire is one of the most popular ways to stop dogs from digging under the fence. Add a layer of chicken wire (mesh fencing) at the base of the fence on the inside between the fence and the ground. This provides a barrier that your dog will find challenging to dig through. Due to its flexibility and thinness, it can be easily shaped to fit the appropriate sizes and shapes of your lawn. Be careful when installing and utilize gloves, so the sharp edges don’t cause injuries.

Train Your Dogs

Training your dogs can take some patience and discipline. Start by reinforcing obedience commands such as "Stay" and "Come," slowly working up the level of training. Games like hide and seek can help your dog learn while making training fun. Also, give your dog a particular zone for digging in a sanctioned area in your yard. Rewarding good behavior and emphasizing appropriate boundaries will make for the most effective training.



In conclusion, keeping your furry friends safe and secure is a top priority for many pet owners. By utilizing creative solutions such as planting shrubs, creating an L-shaped footer, placing rocks at the base of your fence, burying chicken wire, and training your dogs, you can stop them from digging under your fence. If you need assistance in ensuring your fence is safe and secure for your pets, contact Byers Fence to have your fence installed or evaluated.