Keep Your New Fence Strong by Preventing Vines from Crawling

Keep Your New Fence Strong by Preventing Vines from Crawling

Keep Your New Fence Strong by Preventing Vines from Crawling

A new fence not only adds value and appeal to your property but also provides security and privacy. However, if you aren't careful, those beautiful vines can grow and cause damage to your fence. Vines may seem harmless, but they can create long-term structural problems. In this blog post, we'll provide you with tips to prevent vines from crawling into your new fence and ways to keep it strong.

Tip#1: Plant vines away from your fence

One of the simplest ways to prevent vines from creeping onto your fence is to plant them away from your fence. Plant vines at a distance of at least 5 feet away from the fence line. This allows room for airflow and sunlight, reducing the likelihood of vines finding their way onto the fence.

Tip#2: Choose non-climbing plants

If you're considering planting in areas close to the fence, consider choosing non-climbing plants. Stick to bushes and trees instead of ivy or other climbing vines. You can also make use of large containers that can't be moved closer to the fence.

Tip#3: Create an unclimbable surface

Another way to protect your fence from vines is to keep it as smooth as possible. Smooth surfaces will make it difficult for vines to cling on to. A good way to create an unclimbable surface is to keep your fence painted with glossy finishes. Additionally, you can install low-voltage electric fencing to deter any animal from scaling the fence and making it easier for vines to spread.

Tip#4: Trim the Vines

Regular pruning of the vines is necessary to keep them in check. Set aside time every two to three months to trim back and remove any new growth from the vines. Be cautious not to cut the vines too close to the fence to avoid it from dying and causing it to fall on its own. 

Tip#5: Utilize weed wacker

Lastly, if you spot a small section of vines creeping onto the fence, you can use a weed wacker to get rid of it. Weed wackers are highly efficient and make an excellent tool for tackling annoying plants. 



A fence is a significant investment, so you need to care for it. Preventing vines and other plants from crawling or creeping onto your plank can keep it healthy and robust. These five tips can help you achieve that, so you can keep your fence looking beautiful and fresh for years to come. Remember, if you are looking for an expert in fencing in Debary, FL, contact Byers Fence today to schedule an appointment.