Common Pests That Can Destroy Your Fence

Common Pests That Can Destroy Your Fence

Common Pests That Can Destroy Your Fence


Your fence serves as an essential element of your property. It provides a barrier for increased privacy and security, enhances curb appeal, and even adds value to your home. Unfortunately, pests can pose a serious threat to the longevity of your fence. The silent invasion can go unnoticed for extended periods, causing irreparable damage to your investment. Today, we'll discuss the common pests that can damage fences and how you can protect yourself against these unwanted intruders.



Termites are notorious for causing massive damage to wooden structures, and your fence is no exception. They live in colonies and feed on wood, causing extensive damage if action isn't taken early enough. You can tell if termites have been feeding on your fence by tapping on it and listening for a hollow sound. Any signs of termite infestation require prompt professional intervention to prevent the destruction of your fence.

Powderpost Beetles

These small pests make tiny holes in untreated wood fences, paving the way to extensive destruction of the fence's internal structure. Powderpost beetle larvae feed in wood and mature beetles exit through small holes, leaving damaging powder-like residue behind. If you notice powder near your fence or small holes, seek professional pest control services immediately.

Rats and Mice

Rodents love chewable material, including wood. As they gnaw through your fence, they create entry points that other pests can use to gain access to your property. If your fence has evidence of gnawing or holes that look like they were created with sharp teeth, call a pest control company.

Carpenter Ants

These ants don't eat wood like termites but tunnel through it to create nests. The tunnels they create can weaken your fence, making it susceptible to collapse. Carpenter ant infestations can be hard to detect, and a professional inspection may be needed.

Crickets and Grasshoppers

The sight of small and seemingly harmless crickets and grasshoppers around your fence isn't an indication of peaceful coexistence. These critters tend to chew wooden fences during warm months, causing damage to the internal structure of the fence. If you notice the existence of these insects near your wooden fence, take action and call a pest control specialist.



Your fence is valuable, and routine pest control can help maintain its strength and longevity. Although preventative measures like regular cleaning and treatment can minimize the likelihood of infestation, it's essential to contact a professional for any sign of pest damage. Byers Fence, one of the leading fence companies in Daytona Beach, FL, is your go-to partner for all your fence needs. We have the expertise to design, install, repair, and advise on keeping your fence pest-free. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.