Six Item Ultimate Baseball Field Checklist for Fencing

Six Item Ultimate Baseball Field Checklist for Fencing

Six Item Ultimate Baseball Field Checklist for Fencing

You own a baseball field, and you require it to be protected—follow these recommendations from the experts so that your visitors and players are secure and content.

When constructing or maintaining a baseball field, protection is critical. Not only do you need to keep individuals off the property who may disrupt or rob it, but you also need to guard fans and teams during the competition. Establishing a fence will achieve all of this, but only if you set it up right. The following checklist from our fence contractors in Deltona will help you set up a sturdy, safe commercial chain link fence, keeping your field secure against all dangers:

Item 1: Fence Posts Must Be Positioned Correctly

You must position your fence posts well beyond the site where players will play the game. This prevents players from running into them and permits the border to capture stray balls that might otherwise harm fans.

Item 2: The Fencing Must Be Attached Securely to Posts

Make sure that every post is set securely in the ground. With fence posts in place, you can connect the fencing itself. Make sure that chains are fully secured and fit tightly to fence posts. Unsecured fencing can scratch or cut players who run past and may also let stray balls out of the field.

Item 3: Make Sure the Tension Wires are in Place

Chain link fences must have tension wires at the top and the bottom to secure the fencing material in place. Be sure that none of the ends of the wires are exposed, whether in the corners or at the top of the barrier.

Item 4: Fencing Must Extend Far Enough

To provide complete protection, your fence must unfold around the field all the way to the end of your dugout area. The stature of your border will lean on the site of spectator seating, so talk to a fence expert for the minute details.

Item 5: The Gate Should Be Secure and Functional

Ensure that the gate is firmly set in the ground and does not require adjustment. Then inspect to see if it is uncomplicated to open and shut, and examine the hinge and the latch for indications of corrosion or mechanical issues. Confirming that the gate is easy to open and close is essential for comfort and security. For instance, if a player gets injured or there is another emergency, you must have immediate access to the field.

Item 6: All Other Hazards Must Be Eliminated

The last step is to scan for any other risks related to the fence and eradicate them as you discover them. Common threats include:

  • Concrete fence bases that are exposed above the earth
  • Broken or incomplete links that stick out from the border
  • Gaps in the fencing
  • Hog rings that stick out
  • Absent dome caps
  • A large opening between the bottom of the border and the ground

Our fence contractors in Deltona provide sturdy, durable fencing throughout Florida. For more details on guarding your sports facility, baseball field, or company, call us today.