Reasons to Choose Aluminum over Wrought Iron Fencing

Reasons to Choose Aluminum over Wrought Iron Fencing

Reasons to Choose Aluminum over Wrought Iron Fencing

Ornamental aluminum fencing is an excellent alternative to wrought iron fences when you are interested in improving the safety and look of your home through fencing installation. Our fence contractors in Deltona know that a sound barrier can showcase your home and boost its overall curb appeal. Traditionally, wrought iron fencing has been the premier choice for adding a high level of beauty and charm. Unfortunately, wrought iron fences are costly and require a high level of maintenance to prevent rust. On the other hand, aluminum fence materials can maintain the same level of beauty with the benefits of easy installation, chemical and weather resistance, and more extensive warranties, among others. Here are some excellent reasons to choose aluminum fencing for your border needs:

Aluminum fencing is versatile.

Aluminum fences are available in various styles and heights, making them an attractive choice for both businesses and homeowners. Aluminum borders are the perfect choice for a decorative style that turns heads. Aluminum fencing is commonly used as a border for swimming pools, playgrounds, walkways, and atop retaining walls. You have many color choices available for matching existing buildings or homes. You can also decide whether or not to include finials in your fencing to provide an additional decorative element to your barrier.

Aluminum fencing is cost-effective

Installing aluminum fencing makes sense financially. It is less costly than wrought iron because it is a much lighter material. This lighter weight means that it is cheaper to ship and easier to install than wrought iron. This will allow you to keep money in the bank for more pressing matters.

Aluminum fencing is strong

Do not let the lighter weight of aluminum fencing fool you, though. It is still strong enough to function for your fencing needs. There are various aluminum fencing grades with many thicknesses and post sizes to choose from. If you are looking for a cost-effective and beautiful fence with added security, aluminum fencing is a perfect solution.

Additional aluminum fencing advantages

Outside of versatility, cost, and strength, aluminum fencing has other significant advantages, including:

  • No painting or sanding is required to maintain it.
  • No adverse effects from soil chemistry.
  • You can easily install it on hilly and uneven terrain.
  • Easy, fast installation due to pre-assembled panels.

Making the right choice

It is glaringly obvious that aluminum fencing is a solid choice for most fencing needs. All that is left to decide is what style best suits you. Choosing an aluminum fencing style that complements your property and your home is vital. For example, if your house has a cape or classic colonial look, you should choose fencing with a more historical-looking style. On the other hand, if your business or home has modern architectural styling, a more modern fence design style will be a more sensible choice.

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