Picket Fences at a Glance

Picket Fences at a Glance

Picket Fences at a Glance

In the chronology of border walls, one type of fencing stands out from the crowd when it comes to beauty: a white picket fence. Residences with this barrier type retain increased lure, an elevated level of beauty, and typically an expanded value. Of course, if your motivation for constructing a barrier is improved privacy pursuits, a white picket fence won't meet your standards. But if you desire for your property to appear lavish and have an effective method of holding your offspring and pets within the confines of your yard, then you can allow fence contractors in Sanford to proceed with the installation of a picket fence to border your property.

Picket Fence Materials

A standard picket fence is constructed of wood. Most picket fences are supplied prefabricated these days, so your fence contractor only needs to deliver the premade border to your property and perform the installation. So, you only need to determine a type and understand how to preserve the lumber. Pick hardwoods like cedar and redwood if you prefer lumber invulnerable to rot. Pressure-treated timber is also rot-resistant and will last decades with proper maintenance.If you do not enjoy dealing with the pressure of preserving a wooden picket fence, vinyl is your best fencing material option. In addition, vinyl requires minimal maintenance. Pressure-washing it annually will keep it looking and performing just like new.

Styles of picket fences you can choose

Picket fencing is available in various styles, and the most standard arrives with poles that are strung together by railings. In addition, you can choose from pickets that are round or pointed. Other styles include the more ornate Windsor Point, with beads beneath the point. You can even enclose your property in a picket fence with a hue that blends with the terrain. If you choose vinyl materials, on the other hand, you are relatively restricted when it comes to selecting colors because it is offered mainly in white. You can, nevertheless, have your gate developed however you fancy.

Your final choice

You can style a picket fence in many manners, which will suit any home design. However, we have already documented that a picket fence is not the best choice for promoting privacy. Still, if you solely desire to keep your pets and children inside your property or construct a barrier between areas in your premises, then it is a great choice. One critical safeguard you must note is that you should never arrange vining plants near your wooden picket fencing. This is essential to ensure that the dampness from the plant does not cause fence rotting. A great option is to construct another area around your home to utilize as a planting bed.

Contact us right away if you need fence contractors in Sanford to establish a traditional or contemporary picket fence around your dwelling. Byers Fence provides the highest quality materials, employees, equipment, and customer service to exceed your expectations with fence installation and repairs.