How to Care for Your Wooden Fence

How to Care for Your Wooden Fence

How to Care for Your Wooden Fence

Over time, wooden fences are subject to general wear and tear from mother nature. They are susceptible weather damage, insect decay, and overall dirt and grime buildup. Without proper care and maintenance of your wooden structures, you can degrade the quality and require premature replacements. Our fence contractors in Daytona are experts that provide fence design, installation, repair, and maintenance services, so we understand what it takes to care for wooden fences. These are a few ways you can take care of your wooden fence and keep it in optimal condition.

Clean the Fence

Each year, you should clean your wooden fence. By washing, or preferably pressure washing, your wooden fence, you can extend the lifespan by removing any dirt, grime, insects, or debris that may be building up on the surface. It is also important to remove any debris from the bottom of your fence, as leaves and trash can be trapped along the base of your fence and cause rapid deterioration of unprotected wood.

Seal or Paint the Wood

Untreated wood will be more susceptible to rapid decay and decomposition over time. Most people do not choose to use pressure-treated wood because it is much more expensive to install. When you have a wooden fence, you will want to routinely seal the wood to protect it from the elements. A waterproof seal, stain, or paint can prevent splitting, knotting, and splintering, which can increase the longevity of your wooden fence.

Replace Damaged Boards

If you notice any damage boards or posts, you will want to replace these issues before they worsen. Wood is susceptible to damage caused by dirt buildup or insect infestations, which can spread to other boards on the fence. If you let issues persist, you may lose many more boards than you need to, and this can even compromise the structural integrity of your entire fence.

Prune Nearby Trees and Shrubs

As trees and shrubs grow, both their roots and their limbs will threaten the structural integrity of your wooden fence. Roots grow towards the water, and this can cause them to push fence posts and structures out of the ground and compromise their strength. Tree pruning and cutting is essential in keeping parts of your plants off your fence. When you go to plant trees, keep them far enough from your fence to avoid any fallen limbs that can result in collapsing.

Perform Routine Inspections

Walk the fence to inspect for any issues up-close that you may not notice from afar. Look for insect damage, loose boards, or splintering and knotting. These are all common fence issues that can lead to early decay of your boards, which can cause eyesores. Fixing problems like loose screws or mold growth can keep your fence looking great and staying strong for many years.

By maintaining your wooden fence over time, you can prevent expensive repairs or early replacements of your fence. With the help of our fence contractors in Daytona, you can keep your fence in optimal condition and increase longevity of your investment.

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