Four Popular Styles of Wood Privacy Fences

Four Popular Styles of Wood Privacy Fences

Four Popular Styles of Wood Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences are stylish for homeowners because they deliver security and solitude from strangers and the elements. There are several distinct styles of wood privacy barriers on the market. Fence contractors in Sanford offer excellent information on the various kinds of privacy borders available for your house.

Locking board

A lock board privacy fence compares to a lattice top fence, but it appears more consistent from top to base. It is frequently chosen for functionality instead of aesthetics, and while it looks impressive, it lacks the ornamental element of a lattice top privacy barrier. The panels for this fence fit together tongue-and-groove style, forming a solid wall that intercepts the view from the exterior. A locking board barrier can seamlessly track the contours of your land, whether it has elevations or not. This design effectively stops airflow and is appropriate for windy areas, but this kind of fence is not advised if you require the wind to chill your property.


A stockade-style wood fence is the most familiar because of its general assembly. It is a picket fence developed to connect with supports intimately. It is also regarded as one of the safest and most secure barriers because of the absence of gaps between panels. This fence delivers complete privacy and decreases the amount of noise passing through the property. Additionally, intruders will think twice about climbing the wall because of its jagged, pointed tops. Stockade-style fencing can use several diverse types of lumber in its design.

Lattice top

No other wood privacy fence class brings more polish to your premises than a lattice top privacy fence. It is stunning to look at but is also agreeable for most landscaping strategies. The fence style observes a tight pattern that delivers plenty of privacy while offering very little to strangers. It delivers a feeling of safety, security, and a feeling that you have a fancy stronghold around your property because of the tightly joined wood slats. Selecting a durable and weather-resistant textile for your lattice top privacy fence is critical, or it will demand significant care, especially if the latticework is susceptible to mold, deterioration, or corrosion.


In the most classic sense, a board-on-board fence is not created for privacy because it still permits breezes to pass through your land. However, many believe it is a better choice than a picket fence because it appears more beautiful on both sides. This is because the panels are built alternate on the main rail, so both the front and rear of the panels are observable. If you want to eliminate voids, panels can be installed near each other while leaving space for the breeze to pass through. The threat of collapse of board-on-board fences is increased during stormy or windy weather. You can easily solve this by burying the posts deep and anchoring them firmly. This action demands at least one-third of the total measurement of a post to be buried deep and then sealed in place with concrete or gravel.

No matter what type of privacy barrier you choose, you are assured to have an appealing fence that offers benefits that you might not see every day. Our fence contractors in Sanford can help you locate the type of privacy fence that will function best on your property. Do not waver to call us with inquiries!