Fence Cleaning Overview

Fence Cleaning Overview

Fence Cleaning Overview

Nobody enjoys a dirty fence. However, watching grime, dirt, and mildew build up on your fence is frustrating. Unfortunately, many people stress about cleaning their fences without a pressure washer. Our fence contractors in Sanford offer these steps to clean your fence.

Items you need to clean your fence

There are various things you will need to clean your fence, including:

  • Determination.
  • Soap.
  • A hose.
  • A soft washcloth or sponge.

If you don't use a pressure washer, you need these items to clean your fence. Depending on the kind of fence you have to clean, you may also want a fine bristle toothbrush.

Cleaning a wood fence.

Different products are available to clean mildew and mold off your fence. These products are cheaper than buying a pressure washer and do a good job removing mold and mildew. They usually come in spray bottles. Read all the instructions before you begin cleaning to guide you on properly using the cleaning solution. Even if the product you buy says you don't need to scrub your fence, some elbow grease helps remove mildew, dirt, and grime more effectively. After spraying down your fence and letting the chemicals sit for a moment, use a scrubber or washcloth to remove the excess dirt.

Cleaning your chain link fence.

Chain link fences need different cleaning techniques than wood because rust is occasionally a nuisance. To preserve metal fencing, apply rust protection annually. This is critical because rust creates holes in your fence without it. Holes from rust cause weakness in the integrity of your fence. When spraying on your rust-resistant coating, focus on the base of your fence, where moisture gathers from dirt and grass.

Chain link fences are straightforward to clean with dish soap and water. They are not subject to mildew, but you will find dirt on the fence surface. Use a hose to spray off your fence to remove dirt and residue. If you encounter other stains like bird droppings, you might need a scrub brush and soapy water to extract the mess.

Cleaning your vinyl fence.

You can wash small portions of dirt and filth off a vinyl fence by spraying it with a hose. Water and a hose may be all you require for fence cleaning, but if you discover minor stains, you can utilize a magic eraser. In addition, you can use a bleach solution to scrub away stains you cannot release with water or a magic eraser.

Cleaning your wrought iron fence.

Wrought iron fence cleaning is comparable to cleaning a chain-link fence. However, it is essential to recognize that wrought iron fences are subject to rust. Keeping prickly bushes, weeds, and vines away from your wrought iron fence is important because they cause scratches that encourage rusting.

You can use water repellent or auto wax to protect your barrier from rust. Use warm soapy water to wash your wrought iron fence. If you detect early indications of rust, scrub them off with a small cleaning brush. After cleaning the fence and clearing the small rust spots, rinse it and let it dry. If the rust doesn't disappear with scrubbing, you can employ a fine wire brush and sandpaper to remove it. Afterward, use a rust protection spray or paint it to guarantee it stays protected.

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