Eight Ways to Protect Your Business Beyond Commercial Fencing

Eight Ways to Protect Your Business Beyond Commercial Fencing

Eight Ways to Protect Your Business Beyond Commercial Fencing

One of the best methods to secure your company is with a fence surrounding the perimeter. But here are eight additional safety measures you can observe to reassure you that your company is thoroughly protected.

When protecting commercial properties, there is no perfect recipe. While there are numerous smart security measures, no one action is so compelling that you will not require any others. Fencing supplies the first line of protection, but you must go further for a genuinely secure property. If you comprehend the significance of facility security, the following eight steps from our fence contractors in Daytona will help you attain it:

Lighting Your Exterior

One of the easiest ways to protect your property is to establish lighting throughout the exterior so that nobody can enter undetected. Not only will this make it more effortless to notice and intercept intruders, but it also makes the facility look more protected, so fewer individuals will try to break in.

Security Cameras in Pivotal Places

Once the outside is completely illuminated, establish cameras at all entry points. The existence of cameras will also discourage intruders, and if somebody does attempt to break in, you will have footage you can share with the authorities. Make sure to wash the camera lenses regularly so you won't have problems identifying the individuals you record.

Window Protections

Intruders who do not believe they can push through your doorways undetected may attempt to enter through your windows instead. To deter this, Use shatter-proof glass in all windows on the first and second floors. Alternatively, or as extra protection, install breaking glass sensors to set off a warning if anybody gets in the building.

Key Management

Only disperse keys to workers you trust, and set stringent rules about lending or duplicating them. Take a regular inventory of all keys to your facility. If any are gone, change your locks immediately.

Access Restrictions

Limit access to all parts of your business that include valuable objects, sensitive tools, or anything else you cannot afford to have sabotaged or stolen.

Cyber Security

Besides safeguarding your physical location, you must also defend your business from digital invasions. Install the latest security software on all company computers, and create backup copies of susceptible data.

Comprehensive Background Checks

Whenever you engage a new worker, complete a thorough background check, looking out for anybody who could possibly be a safety risk. While you don't need to deny everyone with a less-than-spotless background, you should be cautious about what privileges you grant them.

Entry Control Systems

Facility entry control systems demand employees to use cards or passcodes to enter the facility or other restricted spaces. In addition, they maintain a log of everybody who accesses each space, making it easy to specify who is at fault if something is missing.

Looking for fences and entry systems that keep your commercial property secure? Our fence contractors in Daytona offer advice and resources to protect any company. For more details on fencing and other security measures in Florida, call us today.