Construction Safety List for Fences, Delineators, and Barriers

Construction Safety List for Fences, Delineators, and Barriers

Construction Safety List for Fences, Delineators, and Barriers

The most suitable way to guarantee a safe construction zone is to use fences, barriers, and delineators to separate areas. The most typical workplace risks in the construction industry include falling from heights and trenching and scaffolding collapsing. Luckily, you can avoid each of these hazards efficiently with sound fences, barriers, and delineators. Installing a temporary construction border, for instance, allows construction sites to combat workplace hazards as soon as a job starts.

Discover how to best use fencing and barriers with this construction safety checklist supplied by our professional fence contractors in Debary.

Fence Safety for Construction Companies

Fencing for a construction site offers several benefits, including privacy and security for your company and your customers. Here are a few tips to get the most from proper construction fencing:

  • Secure your job site boundary using fences as the foremost line of protection against stealing and vandalism.
  • Safeguard trenches according to OSHA benchmarks for all channels that surpass 1 foot in depth.
  • Select chain link panels for fleeting construction barrier needs.
  • Use a privacy screen for high-profile construction sites.
  • Execute barrier signs to permit branding of your construction procedure and future developments.

Building Barriers Around Construction Sites

A barrier prevents undesirable activities from happening on your job sites, such as stealing, vandalism, or terrorism. While barriers are not as unassailable a class of protection as fences, barriers do present possible security for construction zones. Barriers help to:

  • Discourage visitors and foot traffic in and about a construction site with barricades in place.
  • Prevent vehicles from traveling too near a construction zone element, such as trenches.
  • Barriers can be placed into position more quickly than fences and can also be utilized while fences are getting installed.

Delineator Traffic Posts for Workplace Protection

A delineator is a post with a bottom that is employed to control traffic. According to OSHA, these obstacles must be used to shield construction zones from automobile traffic. These shield drivers and construction employees from transportation mishaps, which is the reason for the greatest number of deadly work injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

When employing delineators, use the following OSHA policies:

  • A work zone plan must be prepared to accommodate pedestrians, automobiles, and construction employees on foot and must be approved before execution.
  • Work areas must be marked off and coordinated to permit an approved traffic flow, and delineators are the preferred method for corralling work areas.
  • You can also employ signs, flaggers, and barriers for traffic control agendas.
  • Constructing a proper traffic course through a work zone will guarantee your construction site is compliant with OSHA restrictions.

Choosing Fence Solutions in Florida

Our professional fence contractors in Debary have been providing construction firms and job sites with fencing for decades. We are the fence experts in Florida, offering everything from quality chain link fences to interim construction fencing. Contact us today to request secure fencing for your building site. We are here to keep the area safe.