4 Vinyl Fencing Advantages

4 Vinyl Fencing Advantages

4 Vinyl Fencing Advantages

Long ago, if someone desired a fence around their property, they would purchase plenty of lumber and have a party with their friends and neighbors to build one. Unfortunately, these fences typically only lasted for a few years. While a wooden fence looks appealing and will do the job you want it to, there are some disadvantages. For example, today, wooden fences are far more costly than they were in the past due to rising lumber prices. In addition, if you paint your wood border, it will need repeated repainting, which requires a ton of energy and time on your part. Consequently, vinyl has become a more popular fencing choice with each passing year. Our fence contractors in Debary offer the following benefits of vinyl fences:


Today, vinyl fencing is more cost-effective than wood fencing. It is not uncommon for consumers to head to the hardware store searching for wooden fencing only to discover that vinyl materials are less costly. Property owners overlooked vinyl fencing options in the past because it was cost-prohibitive. With the rising costs of iron and wood, this has changed. In addition, there is little maintenance required with vinyl fencing, so you can also save money on the cost of continued care. For example, you will save costs on treatments necessary for keeping a wood fence free of termites and rotting and the cost of priming and repainting the wooden surface periodically.

Ease of installation

Many people prefer vinyl fencing over its wooden counterpart because there is much less intensive labor required for vinyl fencing installation. In addition, you can purchase many vinyl fences pre-assembled, meaning you simply have to fit the pre-assembled pieces together, much like a puzzle. This makes your fence installation much more manageable and less time-consuming if you handle installation on your own. Even if you aren't, professional installation of vinyl fencing is much less labor-intensive, too, meaning you will save money on installation and have your border up in a shorter period.

Ease of maintenance

As mentioned earlier, vinyl fencing requires little maintenance compared to other fencing options. The lack of required maintenance like rust-proofing, painting, and scrubbing will save you plenty of time and effort while still having a beautiful, functional border around your property. You will only need to wash your fence once or twice a year to keep it looking new. You will also need to inspect it periodically for loose fasteners, but not within the first couple of years, as fastener replacement is rare with a new fence installation.


Vinyl fencing is a perfect solution for home perimeters, swimming pool protection, garden borders, and so much more. There is no limit to how vinyl fencing can be used on your property. There are also myriad choices available in vinyl fence variation, so you are bound to find a style that fits within your budget and needs. Be sure to talk to fence contractors in Debary about the options available to ensure that your specific needs are met, and you are pleased with your fence for decades to come!

These are just some of the advantages of choosing vinyl fencing for your property. Contact us today for more information. Byers Fence is here for you!