4 Reasons to Consider a Chain Link Fence

4 Reasons to Consider a Chain Link Fence

4 Reasons to Consider a Chain Link Fence

People purchase and install fences for various reasons. Sometimes they want more privacy and security. Other times they just want to improve the look of their property. So why do people choose chain link fences? Sure, they are see-through, so they do not add much in the way of privacy, and they are not as beautiful as some other decorative fencing options, but chain link fences still have their benefits. Our fence contractors in Sanford explain the following reasons you should consider a chain link fence.

Establishing boundaries

If your primary concern is delineating property lines, chain link fencing is the perfect option for your property. It is easy to install and a great way to define your property boundaries. It is also an excellent barrier for keeping children safe from outside hazards like a busy street or the welcoming arms of a stranger. This fencing solution will also prevent neighborhood animals from wandering in your yard to poop!

Containing animals

Chain link fencing is the perfect solution for keeping your animals within the boundaries of your yard. Whether you have chickens, llamas, or dogs, chain link fences are typically built tall enough to prevent animals from jumping over your fence to escape. You can also release your dog safely into your backyard, knowing it will have the freedom to get some exercise and play without the risk of getting hit by a car or becoming lost or stolen.

Adding security

While a chain link fence is not exceptionally tall, they do add an extra level of security to your property. It is not easy to jump over a chain link fence, so if you have an intruder trying to get onto your property, it will slow them down significantly. You can also make your chain link fence even more secure by adding a bottom rail that makes it difficult for intruders to breach your fence by sliding underneath.

Protection for businesses and sports complexes

Chain link fences are often used to protect businesses and sports complexes. If you have ever been to a local baseball game, you have probably noticed the extra tall chain link fenced installed behind the home base. This is designed to protect sports fans from the danger of getting smacked in the face with a foul ball. Chain link is also used to create a secure perimeter around businesses and sports complexes. The fencing is manufactured in various gauges and sizes for added security. You can also install barbed wire on top to discourage people from climbing over. As mentioned above, a bottom rail can also be used as an added security measure. Though chain link will not prevent the most industrious intruders, they will slow them down enough to discourage them in many situations.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider chain link fencing. Our fence\contractors in Sanford have the experience and expertise to handle all of your fence installation, maintenance, and repair needs. Call Byers Fence today for your free estimate!