What to Consider When Getting a Fence for Your Dog

What to Consider When Getting a Fence for Your Dog

What to Consider When Getting a Fence for Your Dog

Have you recently brought home a new dog?  Are you looking for solutions to help make life with a dog easier?  From training your dog to do their business outside to finding ways to release puppy energy, there are many tasks for new dog owners to tackle.  Because of the energy that dogs bring into your home, many people consider installing a fence around their property with the help of a fence contractor in Daytona.  Fences allow your dog to run freely and safely in your own yard, which can be beneficial for both them and you.  These are a few things to consider when it comes time for you to get a fence for your dog.

Size of Your Dog

Larger dogs have different needs than smaller dogs when it comes to designing a fence.  If you have larger dog, like a German Shephard or a Rottweiler, you should consider getting a taller fence that offers more privacy.  This will prevent your dog from being able to jump over the fence and from seeing out and getting easily distracted.  However, if you have a smaller dog, the height of the fence is not a large concern.  Instead, you will want to consider the spacing between the fence posts and pickets so that your small dog cannot squeeze loose.

Behavior Tendencies of Your Dog

Some dog breeds are more prone to jumping high, like a German Shephard, and these types will require higher fences.  Other dogs may be more likely to dig holes, and they will require your fence posts to be embedded deeper into the ground.  Before you chose the suitable fence for your dog, do research on the behavior tendencies of the dog you have chosen.

Security Features in Your Fence

Do you need to have additional security features in your fence, like specific gates or dog doors?  When you bring home a dog, you want to be sure that you are keeping them safe while they are playing outside.  Ensure that you have a gate they cannot wiggle open when you install these additional fence features.

Purpose of the Fence

When you install a dog fence, you should also consider some of the other aspects of adding a fence to your yard.  Do you also have children?  Do you have a patio or pool area?  To create spaces with privacy or border control, you will want to use a specific type of fence.  Be sure that you are considering the whole picture and looking at your yard’s purpose when you choose your dog fence.

These are a few of the factors that you need to consider when you are getting a fence for your dog.  Installing your fence can be easy when you work with the right fence contractors in Daytona.  Contact Byers Fence to start designing and installing your dog fence today.