How to Prepare Your Home for a Dog

How to Prepare Your Home for a Dog

How to Prepare Your Home for a Dog

Are you excited to bring a dog home to your house?  Are you looking forward to finally getting a family dog that you and your kids will love and cherish for many years?  Many people say that a dog is a man's best friend, and although these companions add love to your life, they also add responsibility.  There are a few things you want to do to prepare your home for the arrival of your dog.

Keep Them Out of Certain Areas

It is important to leave some areas of your home closed to your dogs.  Consider keeping certain doors closed so that your dog can't roam around the entire home, especially when they are still being house trained.   Keeping dogs outside your bedroom will prevent them from jumping on your bed or having accidents on the carpets in there. 

Get Them in Training Sessions

When you first get a new dog, consider taking them for some additional obedience training.  This will allow them to understand the boundaries and rules that you set for them inside the home.  From learning about when to avoid jumping to learning how to prevent begging from the table, your dog can learn proper behaviors that will make your entire life easier.

Invest in a Fence

To prepare your yard for a dog, you will want to consider adding a fence to the perimeter of your property.  Our fence contractors in Sanford are here to help you choose the right fence for your yard, dog, and budget.  When you add a fence to your property, you give your dog a safe oasis to run around, exert their energy, and do their business without you needing to worry about them getting loose.

Use Baby Gates

Baby gates are also a good investment when you have a dog, as it will allow you to keep them from getting into certain areas of your home.  You can put easy-to-install baby gates near rooms with carpet so that your dog is contained to a specific area, or you can use them to conceal hazardous items or dangerous supplies.  Many people even love to keep them at the bottom of the stairs to keep their pet contained to one floor of your home.

Opt for Materials You Can Throw in the Laundry

Be sure that you invest in fabrics and materials that can be easily cleaned in the event that your pet destroys it.  Get throw pillows that can be laundered, and invest in some blankets that are cost-effective in case your pet lies on them.  Using the right materials can protect you from losing expensive items that your pet happens to ruin.

Stay Organized

Removing clutter will prevent certain issues from happening, like eaten shoes or nibbled on purses.  Take the time to organize and declutter the stuff you would otherwise leave lying around your house.  Keep walkways clear of your belongings so that you don't leave a trail of enticing goodies for your dog or cat to ruin.

These are a few steps to take in order to protect your home and prepare for the arrival of your new dog.  If you are looking for quality fence contractors in Sanford, contact Byers Fence to hear how we can help you today.