How to Keep Your Wooden Fence in Great Shape

How to Keep Your Wooden Fence in Great Shape

How to Keep Your Wooden Fence in Great Shape

A wood fence is both a functional way to create a border around your property and an attractive way to add design to your home's curb appeal.  It is important to maintain your wood fence in order to increase its lifespan and also retain its appearance.  As fence contractors in Sanford FL, we aim to assist our customers with fence repairs and replacements when they need them most.  Wooden fences are a wildly popular fencing option in central Florida, and homeowners work hard to keep their fences looking great.  There are a few ways you can maintain your wooden fence to keep it in optimal shape.  

Tighten or Replace All Loose Nails

When you inspect your wood fence, check all of the nails to make sure that they have not come loose.  This will result in ineffective border control by creating loose or damaged boards.  When you replace loose nails, use galvanized steel to help ensure the quality and promote longevity.  Consider caulking the nail holes once you replace loose nails to help add strength.

Inspect for Rotted Fencing

Inspect your fence for any rotting that could be caused from water damage.  If you have an area of your home that is susceptible to weather wear and tear, consider adding sealant to help protect your wood from rotting.  By adding a protective seal to your wood, you will help protect it from the damage caused by the elements.  Also, be sure to keep sprinklers and hoses away from your wood fence in order to prevent further damage.

Remove All Mold and Mildew

Mildew can cause major damage to your wooden fence, and it can also cause blemishes in the overall appearance of your fence.  Once mildew starts to grow, it will only continue to spread.  Every three years, we recommend that you pressure wash your wood fence in order to stop mildew from growing.  By pressure washing, you are ensuring that the wood is thoroughly cleaned.

Inspect Paint for Cracking, Peeling, and Chipping

If you have painted any sections of your wood fence, you want to inspect it for any cracks, chips, and other wear.  This could distract from its overall appearance.  Also, cracks and chips can spread, meaning that your wood is now being exposed to the elements.  When you notice cracked or chipped paint, sand the area and repaint.

Secure All Fence Posts

When your posts are rotting from the soil around it, they will likely lose their structural integrity.  As you inspect your fence, give each one of your posts a little tug to make sure that they are secure.  If you notice that any posts are wiggling, contact fencing contractors in Sanford to come to your home and repair your fence.

If you follow these five steps, you will keep your wood fence in great condition, which will help you save time and money on expensive repairs and fence replacements throughout its lifespan.  When you are looking for a quality fencing company to assist with your fencing needs, look no further than Art of Fencing LLC.  Contact us today to hear about our variety of expert fencing services.