Five Ways You Can Make Your Small Backyard More Private

Five Ways You Can Make Your Small Backyard More Private

Five Ways You Can Make Your Small Backyard More Private

Living in a residential community may mean that you have neighbors on all sides of you.  As you grow your family and get more accustomed to your space, you may find yourself wanting more privacy.  If you avoid using your backyard because you feel too exposed or have a nosy or mean neighbor that you do not want to deal with, you should do something to create more privacy around your home.  There are many solutions that can help you gain more privacy in even the smallest of backyards.

Plant Trees and Tall Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are beautiful and simple ways to create extra privacy in your yard.  Although these provide your yard with a fresh landscaping and attractive curb appeal, they may take years to grow and achieve full privacy.  Consider buying the more mature trees and shrubs so that you can achieve privacy quickly.

Install a Fence

Installing a fence is perhaps one of the best options that you can use to create permanent privacy in your yard.  Whether you are only looking to add a fence around a particular feature in your yard, like your patio or pool area, or you want to create privacy around the entire backyard, you can do this with the right style of fence.  Vinyl fences are popular privacy fences that are used by many fence contractors in Heathrow to create backyard oases for many Florida residents.

Put a Tent on Your Deck or Patio

When you have a deck or patio feature in your yard, you can simply install a small tent above the area to provide you with more privacy.  These tents often come equipped with sides that both shade you from the sun and provide you with privacy.  Tents like this are both affordable and easy to install, which are great for those looking for a quick and temporary fix.

Use Shades

If you are lucky enough to have a covered patio or deck, consider installing shades around the roof.  This will allow you to be outside and enjoy the breeze without having to talk to the neighbors.  If you are entertaining friends and family and you want some extra privacy, draw the shades so that you feel like you are in your own private outdoor space.

Draw Your Blinds

Many Florida homes have large windows or glass rooms on the back of their homes to allow the sunlight to shine through the windows.  While this is an attractive feature, it may also feel like you are exposed even when you are in your own home.  To avoid feeling like you live in a fishbowl, you should invest in quality shades that add privacy to these rooms.   Draw the shades when you are looking for more privacy, and keep them drawn to enhance the feeling of your private oasis when you need to.

These are just a few of the simple ways that you can achieve privacy in your small, residential backyard.  Whether you live in a quarter acre lot or own a townhome with a small slice of grass to enjoy, you can still create your oasis.  If you are looking to install a privacy fence, contact our quality fence contractors in Heathrow to hear how we can help you today.