Five Ways You Can Decorate Your Yard Fence

Five Ways You Can Decorate Your Yard Fence

Five Ways You Can Decorate Your Yard Fence

Have you recently just had a fence installed on your property?  A fence offers many benefits, like adding privacy, controlling the borders, and enhancing the curb appeal of your home.  As fence contractors in Daytona, we work with our clients to design their fence for their needs, space, and budget.  Once you install your fence, you may find yourself wanting to spruce it up with some yard features that highlight its function and design.  These are a few of the ways that you can decorate your yard fence.

Plant Landscaping

Landscaping beds, shrubs, and flowers look beautiful when they are placed against the backdrop of a stylish and clean fence.  When you want to enhance the appearance of the fence along the back of your yard, consider adding some landscaping beds with perennials and shrubs that will be easy to maintain over the years.  Although this may seem like a lot of work, it will pay off as it keeps growing.

Hang String Lights

Are you looking to create an outdoor oasis now that you have a privacy fence in your yard?  Hanging string lights is a great way to add ambiance and set the mood for your entertaining space.  Fences make it much easier for you to hang string lights up high, as the posts provide a nice height for your lights to shine down from a taller distance.

Create a Holiday Display

During the holiday season, you can use your fence to hang holiday lights, wreaths, garlands, and other decorations.  When you have a fence in your yard, the opportunities for holiday displays are endless.  A fence offers a backdrop for almost any display that you want to create,  whether you are going with a classic display with greenery or a more modern display of LCD colored lights.

Paint the Fence

Homeowners that install wooden fences have the option to paint or stain their fence to protect the wood.  Painting the fence the color of your choose will add style and personality to your yard.  Stain options come in a range of natural colors, while paint options are endless.  Consider the overall style of your yard and pick the paint color that matches your vision.

Leave It As Is

When you install a fence that is constructed of steel, iron, or vinyl, you may choose to leave the fence as it is.  These fence materials are durable and low-maintenance, which makes them great for homeowners that do not want to do anymore work when the fence contractors in Daytona have done their job.

These are a few of the ways that you can decorate your fence to add some extra appeal to the new feature.  When you are ready to install a fence on your property, you will want to work with the best fence contractors in Daytona.  Contact Byers Fence to schedule an appointment with our fence design and installation experts today.