Five Tips to Designing a Playground in Your Recreational Facility

Five Tips to Designing a Playground in Your Recreational Facility

Five Tips to Designing a Playground in Your Recreational Facility

Are you in the middle of planning a recreational facility for your community?  Are you the lead designer and manager of the large project?  Being in charge of overseeing the whole project means that you work with many other people to manage all of the different aspect of the job.  You are likely accustomed to communicating with many contractors that specialize in everything from paving to fence contractors in Daytona.  When you are looking to design a playground to go in your recreational facility, you will want to follow these few tips to do it right.

Choose Your Budget

Before you get too far into any planning project, you will need to sit down and choose a specific budget.  Once the larger budget is decided upon and approved by the community leaders, you will then be able to divide the budget towards specific areas in the facility.  This will then leave you with the numbers that you are working with to specifically design the playground area.  

Plan Your Design

Playgrounds come in all shapes and sizes, and you will want to work with what space you have to create the ultimate play experience for your community.  From swing sets to play structures, you want to have room for it all.  Sit down with designers to plan the overall design so that you understand how much room you need for each item to safely fit.

Consider the Play Structures

Playgrounds are all about the play structures, as these are the bread and butter of your recreational play area.  There are many different play structures on the market, and these all come with many different features.  From ladders to slides to rock climbing areas to rope ladders to bridges, they have it all.   Consider the ages of the children that will be playing and then find the best play structures to meet their needs.

Install Fences

Fences are a must-have when you are designing a recreational facility with a playground.  Playgrounds should be safe for all the children, and fences provide your area with an additional level of security.  Fences also work to separate designated spaces in your facility.  Talk to the fence experts to hear about our opinions on what fence works best for your playground needs and budget.

Work with the Experts

When you are designing your playground and your facility, you should trust the experts to handle their specific area of expertise.  From grading the land to laying mulch or pavement to installing play structures, everyone will bring something different to the table.  Be sure that you take their knowledge and advice into account so that you avoid making any mistakes.

These are a few of the steps that you will want to follow when you are designing a playground for your recreational facility.  If you are looking to partner with quality fence contractors in Daytona for your project, trust the experts at Byers Fence.  Contact us to hear about the projects we've worked on in the past today.