4 Popular Styles for Wooden Privacy Fences

4 Popular Styles for Wooden Privacy Fences

4 Popular Styles for Wooden Privacy Fences

Wooden privacy fences are trendy for homeowners because they provide protection and privacy from outsiders and elements. There are several different styles of wooden privacy fences on the market. Fence contractors in Heathrow offer great information on the different kinds of privacy fences available. For your home.

Convex wood fences

A convex wood fence offers a rolling, wavy top that is stylish and attractive. It is typically eight feet tall and built using red cedarwood. This fence is solid enough and high enough to keep out prying eyes and serve as a noise barrier. The only drawback to a convex wood fence is that it will experience trouble with high load winds because of its height and solid construction.


In the most traditional sense, a board-on-board fence is not designed for privacy because it still allows breezes to pass through your property. However, many consider it a better alternative to a picket fence because it looks more attractive on both sides. This is because the boards are built alternate to each other on the central rail, so both the front and back of the boards are visible. If you wish to eliminate gaps, panels can be installed close to each other while leaving room for the breeze to pass through still. The risk of failure of board-on-board fences is high during stormy or windy weather. This can be easily solved by burying the posts deeply and anchoring them firmly. This act requires at least one-third of the total length of a post to be buried deep and then locked in place with concrete or gravel.

Lattice top

No other wooden privacy fence style brings more class to your yard than a lattice top privacy fence. It is lovely to look at but is also friendly for most landscaping designs. The fence style follows a tight pattern that offers plenty of privacy while showing very little to outsiders. It provides a feeling of security, safety, and a sense that you have a fancy fortress around your property because of the tightly connected wood slats. Choosing a durable and weather-resistant material for your lattice top privacy fence is essential, or it will require significant maintenance, especially if the latticework is susceptible to mildew, damage, or rot.


A stockade-style wooden fence is the most common because of its overall assembly. It is a picketed fence designed to connect with supports closely. It is also considered one of the most secure and safest types of fences because of the lack of gaps between panels. This fence offers complete privacy and reduces the amount of noise that can pass through the property. Additionally, because of its jagged, pointy tops, intruders will think twice about scaling the fence. Stockade-style fences can use several different types of wood in their design.

Locking board

 A lock board privacy fence can be likened to a lattice top fence, but it looks more uniform from top to bottom. It is often chosen for functionality rather than aesthetics, and while it looks great, it lacks the decorative element of a lattice top privacy fence. The boards for this fence are fitted together tongue-and-groove style, creating a solid wall that blocks the view from the outside. A locking board fence can seamlessly follow the contours of your property, whether it has hills or not. This design effectively blocks airflow and is suitable for windy areas, but this type of fence is not recommended if you require the wind to cool your property.

No matter what style of privacy fence you choose, you are guaranteed to have an attractive fence that offers the kind of advantages that you might not see every day. Our fence contractors in Heathrow can help you discover the type of privacy fence that will perform best on your property. Do not hesitate to call us with questions!