Why You Should Add a Fence to Your Front Yard in Florida

Why You Should Add a Fence to Your Front Yard in Florida

Why You Should Add a Fence to Your Front Yard in Florida

Many homeowners install fences along the back of their property to define the boundaries or to keep pets and children safe inside the backyard.  They often neglect the positive advantages of installing a fence in their front yard.  Our front yards then become unused space in our yard, and we spend more time out in the back of our homes.  However, many Florida communities are now allowing fences to be installed in front yards.  Our fencing contractors in Heathrow can assist you with any of your fencing needs to make a simple and practical upgrade to your yard.  There are few reasons you should consider adding a fence to your Florida front yard.

Increase Curb Appeal

One of the main reasons people install fences in their front yard is to add a decorative element to their landscaping.  They may add fences around certain flower beds or they may even line their curb with a beautifully designed fence.  These small updates can increase curb appeal of their home while also adding a stylish touch to an otherwise plain front yard.  Front yard fences create charm and welcome guests.

Add Security

Although a fence in the front yard should always come with a clear entrance or gate, this fence will allow you to control the traffic you let near your home.  As much as it keeps your pets and children inside the fence, it also keeps people out.  A front yard fence can decrease the likelihood of you being a target of a robbery or intrusion because there is an extra barrier they will have to overcome.  It keeps unwanted visitors on the outside.

Establish Boundaries

Whenever you live in a crowded neighborhood and wish to establish clear property lines, you should consider installing a fence in your front yard.  A front yard fence will keep people off your beautifully landscaped lawn and prevent them from traipsing through your yard unannounced.  They will be able to clearly see that this is your yard.

Give Privacy

If you live on a busy or crowded street, you may want to install a fence in your front yard to provide additional privacy to your home.  This will help to muffle the noises of crowds and traffic as well.  You may find yourself enjoying the time in your front yard when you have a privacy fence that will help you maintain the lifestyle you want.

These are just four of the great reasons many homeowners have been calling our fencing contractors in Heathrow to install fences in their front yards.  To provide extra security, use otherwise wasted space, and increase curb appeal are all great reasons to consider adding a fence to your home today.  Contact Byers Fence to schedule an appointment with our design and build team today.