Tips on How to Create the Perfect Garden Fence

Tips on How to Create the Perfect Garden Fence

Tips on How to Create the Perfect Garden Fence

Gardeners like to keep their crops safe from the elements, including rodents, insects, and even nosy neighbors.  When you put your heart and soul in your garden, you want to protect it.  A great way to protect your fence is to install a small garden fence around the perimeter of your garden.  This will allow you access to the garden, but it will restrict the ability for others to join you.  Our fence companies in Heathrow have installed many garden fences and gates that have helped crops flourish as they stayed safe from the outside world.  There are a few tips to consider when you create the perfect garden fence.

Choose the Main Fencing Material

Garden fences can be made using many different materials, including composite, vinyl, and wood.  These materials will want to match the design you are trying to create for your garden.  Also, you will need to determine how much fence maintenance you wish to perform.  If you want to leave all your time for your garden, you may want to choose a fence material that requires less maintenance, like vinyl.  However, if you want to take on the extra work yourself, wood is a great option that will require painting or staining over the years.

Install Wire Fence to Restrict Animal Access

No matter which main material you choose for your fencing, you will also want to put wire fence around the fence posts to restrict small animals from entering your garden.  Rodents are professional garden eaters, and they will target your crops as soon as the food starts to emerge.  Avoid losing all your crops by also installing a small wire fence around the entire perimeter of your garden.  You can attach the wire fence to the existing fence so you won't even be able to see it from afar.

Install Netting to Restrict Bird Access

In order to add protection from the aerial viewpoint, you will want to add a net over the part of your garden that the birds tend to feast on.  This will require you to attach netting to the high fence posts and place the netting along the top of your plants.  Although it may be difficult to tend to your garden underneath, netting is necessary for saving your crops from being ravaged by the birds.

These are just a few tips to help you create the most perfect garden fence around your Florida garden.  As you grow your crops, you invest much of you time and energy into the whole process.  Installing a fence around your garden will help you protect that investment and allow your garden to grow better than ever before.  Trust our fence companies in Heathrow to design and install your garden fence this year.  Contact us today to set up a meeting with our fence experts.