What Type of Wood Fence Fits Your Needs the Best?

What Type of Wood Fence Fits Your Needs the Best?

What Type of Wood Fence Fits Your Needs the Best?

A wood fence is an attractive option in many different situations. When you start talking to a fencing contractor in Heathrow or other locations in Florida, it is easy to become confused. After all, there are so many different choices. Builders use softwoods to make most wood fences. These trees are evergreens with pinecones and needles. Even within softwoods, you will find many different options. Therefore, you must choose the choice meeting your needs the best.  


As its name suggests, this type of wood has a reddish hue. The strongest redwood has the brightest colors. Left untreated, redwood will naturally gray with age. One of the most significant advantages of choosing a redwood fence is that it stands up to weather elements better than many other options on the market. It also naturally resists peeling over time because of its naturally high oil content. Pests do not like the taste of this oil, so your fence stands up well as time passes. It also will not rot.  


Most insects cannot stand the smell of a cedar fence, so they will vacate the area where the fence's location. This fence does not need to be chemically treated to be insect resistant. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for families who are trying to avoid using as many chemicals as possible. It is also a relatively strong wood, so you will not need to replace your fence soon. Very seldom will it warp or become unsightly. You will find two types of cedar fencing available. Western red cedar has just a tinge of red to it while Northern red cedar appears white to a light yellow.


Many Florida homeowners prefer the look of a cypress fence because so many cypress trees grow in the state. Left natural, it has a beautiful yellowish color, but it also accepts stain exceptionally well. This wood can't rot. Natural components in the wood make it a fungicide. Since it is one of the harder softwoods, it is less likely to get nicked, cut or damaged over time.  


Unlike most softwood options, insects can harm spruce fences. Additionally, it does not do well in wet environments where it may warp. Staining a spruce fence regularly helps. Compared to many wooden fence choices, however, spruce is very affordable.  

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