What Type of Dog Fence Do You Need?

What Type of Dog Fence Do You Need?

What Type of Dog Fence Do You Need?

Some owners get very lucky, and their dogs willingly stay fenced in while other owners find that their dogs always seem to be getting out. Both sets of owners may try to keep their fence in great condition. Yet, the only lives in constant fear that their dog will be picked up by the Sanford, Florida, police department while running loose. If you fall into the second group, then you need to consider your dog’s behavior before having another fence built.

The Digger

Some dogs seem to always be digging under the fence and scolding them seems to have little impact. Instead, of constantly yelling at your dog, consider having a fence contractor in Sanford install an L-shaped fence. These fences are folded under at the bottom at a 90-degree angle. Then, rocks, shrubbery and other options are placed on the ground to hold it securely in place. Some owners even choose to have the part that lies on the ground, buried under a layer of topsoil. While you still need to watch that your escape artist does not find a way to burrow under the part placed on the ground, most people will find that they have stopped their dogs from getting out.

The Climber

Sometimes a tall fence will discourage a climber, but more often you will need to change to a fence that is not easily climbed. While their feet may easily go up fences made with wire squares or chain-link fences, most dogs find it much more challenging to climb a wood privacy fence. If that is not a viable option, then consider adding a 45-degree lean-in at the top of your fence by fastening the wire to new posts that slant slightly into the yard. Most dogs find these too challenging to try to climb them, so they give up and stay where they belong.

The Fence Ripper

If you have put two fences together to add additional height so that your dog does not jump out, and he is still getting loose, then you may have a fence ripper dog. These dogs will bite at places where you have tied the fence together and then wiggle their way over the lower fence. Most dogs have more trouble getting over one fence than two, so consider having a new heavier fence built. If you love the look of metal or chain-link, then choose a heavier-weight wire making it more difficult for the dog to bend the wire and get out.

Regardless of what answer works to stop your problem, the best fence contractor in Sanford, Florida, to contact is Byers Fence. Give them a call today at (386)457-2045. They will love meeting you and your four-legged friend, and you can count on their recommendation of which fence will best contain your escape artist. Go ahead and call them now!