Types of Wood Privacy Fences

Types of Wood Privacy Fences

Types of Wood Privacy Fences

If you are tired of looking at your neighbor’s eyesore or you just want a little extra peace and quiet, then a wood privacy fence may be the perfect option. You can get privacy fences made of cypress, pine, engineered wood, and many other options. Before you have a fence contractor in Heathrow, like Byers Fence, put the first post in the ground, you need to consider which type of privacy fence you find most attractive.


Shadowbox privacy fences are very attractive because each board alternatives to the other side of a central railing. These fences can be various heights with 4 feet being common. You can either butt the boards up against each other or leave an opening in between.


A convex wood privacy fence has a gentle curve at its top. You can choose to have each upright board have its own convex shape. Another beautiful choice is to create a convex shape across multiple boards. You can also choose to have a double-convex shape where the top of the boards dip part way down, rise part way up and dip again before rising to the starting height.

Dog Eared

On these privacy fences, the boards can be placed right next to each other or they can have space between boards. The top of each vertical board is cut at an angle giving this fence its name. These fences are ideal for people wanting a unique fencing option that still appears to have a straight top line.


The bottom of a lattice privacy fence has the boards placed side-by-side while the top has a latticework design. Many people find that they love these fences because they do not feel as confined. When you choose a fence contractor in Heathrow to install your fence, talk to them about the different types of latticework that are available for these fences.

Lock Board

If your property has a gentle slope, then a lock board fence may be the perfect solution. The boards on these fences fit together in tongue-and-groove style to create a solid privacy fence. The clean uniform lines of this fence style make it a great choice for homeowners who want their property to look neat and tidy.


Stockade privacy fences have pointed edges allowing them to be placed very close together giving the utmost in privacy. Since these fences are built in panels, you can turn them to adjust to slopes in your yard. Many prefer the traditional look of these privacy fences.

Whichever type of privacy fence you end up deciding on, one decision is incredibly easy. Call Byers Fence to install your privacy fence. This company earnestly desires to earn your trust as your fence contractor in Heathrow. You can reach this fence contractor in Heathrow at (386)457-2045 to get a free estimate.