Tips to Consider When Building a Security Fence in Central Florida

Tips to Consider When Building a Security Fence in Central Florida

Tips to Consider When Building a Security Fence in Central Florida

Many people mistakenly believe that any fence is better than no fence when it comes to home security. That is not the case, so make sure that you keep these three key ideas in mind when having a fencing contractor in Sanford build your home fence.  

Don’t Provide Hiding Places

When you are thinking of installing a security fence, make sure that you are not providing a place for buglers to hide. Tall fences make it hard for others to see what is going on at your property. Therefore, you should make sure that your fence does not block a Good Samaritan’s view of the view of a police officer. If you have children, make sure that the pickets are not far enough apart that a bad guy cannot sneak up and snatch your child from the other side of the fence.  

Cannot Climb Over

When you are talking to a fencing contractor in Sanford, Florida, make sure that you choose one that the bugler cannot climb over easily. Pick fences that have as few horizontal rails as possible because buglers can use these rails to get a leg up when they want over your fence. One attractive solution that works well is to add a trellis at the top of a wood fence. If a bugler would try to climb this fence, then he would likely get slowed down, and he would break the trellis causing a commotion. Another advantage of using lattices is that you can grow thorny vines on them, making them even less attractive to try to climb over. You may also want to plant some thorny bushes at the bottom of the fence.  

Cannot be Bypassed

Buglers want an easy in and out, so choose a security fence that they cannot easily bypass. Think about putting the complete bottom of the fence in concrete that is deep enough that the bugler cannot easily dig under it. Look for options that cannot easily be cut through quickly. You may want to avoid chain link fences because many buglers can cut through them in seconds. Any security fence is only as strong as its weakest point, so make sure that your fence has a very secure gate. Avoid gates where someone can reach over or through them. If the burglar can see through the gate, then they can see what other home security you have in place. As with fences, look for gates that are not easy to climb over. Finally, choose a secure gate that locks firmly.  

There are many different considerations to think about when planning a security fence. Talk to Byers Fence as they want to be your fence contractor in Sanford. They can help you find the ideal solution that fits within your budget. Contact this fence contractor in Sanford today.