Breathe New Life Into Your Fence

Breathe New Life Into Your Fence

Breathe New Life Into Your Fence

While many homeowners choose to go with a plain-looking fence, others get very creative in decorating their fence lines. If you are one of the homeowners in Sanford that fits into the latter group, then consider these ideas to make your fence reflect your personality.

Paint a Mural

You can show everyone your passion in life by painting a mural on your wood fence. If you do not have the talent, then consider hiring someone to do the painting for you. You will want to start with a clean fence, so if you have an older fence, then pressure wash it before starting your painting project. You may wish to draw your design out on grid paper before you begin. To make your mural last longer start with a base of acrylic primer. Then, add a coat of acrylic paint to serve as your mural’s background. Then, you can use chalk to draw the outline on your fence before painting it. Finish by adding a top coat of acrylic varnish.

Attract Birdlife

While you may want to choose a fence that keeps many types of wildlife out of your yard, you may also want to attract birds to it. You can hang different styles of birdhouses right on your fence. There are birdhouse mounts that make the job of attaching them to your fence much more straightforward. Unvarnished cedar, pine or redwood birdhouses will get the most use, although you will see birds living in brightly colored ones too. Avoid those that are painted a deep color as they absorb too much heat.

Design a Living Wall

Many people choose to plant flowers near their fences, but you can also design a living wall. One of the easiest ways to do this is by planting vines, like honeysuckle, Dutchman’s pipe or trumpet vine so that it spreads along your wall. You can also attach planters to the fence. There are also planters that you can connect to the top of the fence to give it a unique look. Do not overlook fastening a pallet to your wall and filling it with dirt to grow your favorite plants.

Create Recyclable Art

There are many ways to create recyclable art to fasten to your fence. If you love the look of folk art, then consider creating a large medallion out of recycled handsaws and attaching a chicken feeder bottom to the middle. You may also want to add vintage garden signs to the fence. There are so many different choices that are possible to make to decorate your fence using items you probably already have lying around.

Regardless of how you want to decorate your fence, you must start with a good fence as the backdrop. There is no need to call a bunch of fence contractors in Sanford for estimates. Just book an appointment with Byers Fence as they want to be your fence contractor in Sanford.