5 Myths about Vinyl Fencing Debunked

5 Myths about Vinyl Fencing Debunked

5 Myths about Vinyl Fencing Debunked

Most property owners hire fence contractors in Debary to install a vinyl fence to enhance the beauty of their property. Vinyl fence is an excellent way to combine both beauty and strength as it is strong, resistant to the elements and durable while at the same time serving the purpose of making your property look beautiful. There are different types of vinyl fences that a fence contractor in Debary can install for you depending on your budget. However, some myths have been in circulation which a lot of people believe and have influenced their decision not to use vinyl fencing on their property. At Byers Fence, we are quite conversant with vinyl fence, and we wish to debunk some of these myths so you can have facts about vinyl fencing.

1. Vinyl fades after a while.

Vinyl fence is highly durable, and the problem of fading due to aging and weathering is only peculiar to cheap and inferior vinyl. High-quality vinyl does not fade, and it remains the same way you bought it after years of use.

2. You cannot customize vinyl fence.

Some people believe that vinyl fences come in only one style, but this is wrong. Vinyl fencing is the most versatile type of fence, and you can have it in any color or style to suit your property or personal taste. A lot of people prefer a white-colored vinyl fence, but you can have your fence designed in other colors. All it takes is hiring a professional fencing contractor in Debary to install your vinyl fence for you.

3. Vinyl is not environmentally-friendly

This misconception holds because a lot of people believe that vinyl is a type of plastic made from chemicals and thus is not healthy for use in the environment. However, this is not true, quality vinyl fencing such as the one we offer to our clients at Byers Fence does not pollute the atmosphere or soil with chemicals. Vinyl is even a better alternative for the environment compared to wooden fencing which leads to deforestation.

4. Vinyl fences are not strong

High-quality vinyl fences can withstand the most extreme weather conditions and heavy snow. Vinyl does not rust or rot, so it maintains the state and quality it was in when you installed it.

5. Vinyl is high-maintenance

The only maintenance activity that you need to do on vinyl fencing is to clean it once annually so the color can look sharp and stand out. It does not take too long to clean, and the process is quite simple.

We hope that we have been able to clear some of the most common misconceptions about vinyl fence that people hold. So, when next you get in touch with a fence contractor in Debary for fence installation, do not hesitate to order for vinyl fencing. Contact us at Byers Fence for high-quality vinyl fence today!