What You Should Know About Installing A Fence in Winter

What You Should Know About Installing A Fence in Winter

What You Should Know About Installing A Fence in Winter

We commonly see many home improvement projects put on hold during winter months. But is fence installation one of these projects? Absolutely not! So, if you are seeking to add a reasonable measure of privacy to your home which includes fence installation during winter, then you should not worry so much about the weather if it’s long overdue or imperative that you get a fence up.

The weather is something that fence installers in Debary take into consideration during this period as it may require a bit of technicality. Therefore, most clients prefer the project to be handled by professionals instead attempting it as a DIY project. Fence contractors in Debary have extensive experiences when it comes to installing a fence during winter.

Irrespective of whatever choice you make, these are some of the things you must know about installing a fence in winter.

1. Pricing

This is one of the most anticipated points, isn't it? Yes. It is because everyone wants to be sure what a fencing project will cost before embarking on it. That is reasonable though. Differences in location, contractors, and size of the project will affect the price that you will be billed. Fortunately, during winter months, Fence contractors in Debary usually offer discounts to encourage homeowners to work on their fence projects.

2. Adequate Preparation

Before beginning to dig a hole that is if you are doing it yourself, be sure that you check through city and homeowners’ association. There are laws in many municipals. However, if there are permits that your fencing project requires, your contractors or yourself must get them ready for installation. Fence contractors in Debary will be sure that these are ready before works begin.

3. Call the Utility Company

our property line needs to be marked same as the utility lines that run through your yard. Failure to do that will mean that you may be cutting your electricity or gas lines resulting in a huge problem.

4. Add Poles

This is the most challenging section of the project work, especially if you decided not to hire a professional fence installer in Debary for your project. Professional fence installers will come with a power auger to dig into the post holes through any solid ice or snow. You’re better off asking a professional help you with this.

5. Make Use of Even Posts

What will help you determine whether your poles are evenly placed? A string will help you with that. The contractor you hire would have this in their tools box. They are often seen at the end of the installation running a line or rope from one post to another to confirm the straightness. The strings can act as plumb lines to help them get accurate result - having the post of equal heights.

Using a professional fence installer in Debary is guaranteed to give you the best results no matter the time of the year. Call us today at Byers Fence for your fence installation needs.