How to Enhance Your Yard with Low Fences

How to Enhance Your Yard with Low Fences

How to Enhance Your Yard with Low Fences

Installing a fence is not always a way to prevent people from entering your property. It is sometimes used as a form of decoration. Low fences are typically used to make your home look attractive and fanciful rather than protective. Their height cannot deter intruders from getting in or dogs or kids from getting out but it looks absolutely beautiful and comes in many attractive styles. Here are some ways to use low fences to make your yard and home beautiful.

1. Garden border

You can use a low fence to mark the area around your vegetable or flower garden. The low profile allows you to keep your garden looking clean even if you have not had time to trim the edges. You can choose white picket fences, split-rail fences or lattice fences for your garden wall. A two-feet fence also has the added benefit of keeping small animals out of your garden.

2. Barbeque and grill area

If you like to entertain in your backyard, using a low fence is a great way to create a grilling section. There’s the concrete pad or deck where you can put your grill equipment. When using a low fence for your grilling area, most fence contractors in Debary recommend using wrought iron fencing that is resistant to heat. You can also paint it black or any dark color to match your patio furniture.

3. Decorate your front yard

Is your front yard looking uninspiring? You could install a low fence just across the front of the yard to mark your driveway or front door area. A low fence can creatively disrupt the space in a nice way that doesn’t obstruct your view from the porch. A nice white picket fence is a perfect addition to any front yard. If your home is big, you can also consider using wrought iron to give it a classic, graceful look.

4. Play area boundary

Seeing your children’s play things littering the yard can be annoying. A nice way to get rid of this problem is by using a low fence to mark out a play area for them. The kids know that they have to stay within the boundary of the fence so this keeps the rest of your lawn free from their toys. Low fences are also great for kids’ play areas because your sight line is not obstructed in any way, allowing you to monitor the children as they play around. It also reduces foot traffic on your long and keeps your landscaping from damage.

Not all fences are tall and imposing. Fence contractors in Debary can get creative with low fences to achieve beautiful and useful results for you. Byers Fence is your trusted fencing contractor in Debary for any kind of fence that you may want. We specialize in fence installation, repair and maintenance. Call (389)-457-2045 and a professional will help you with your fence needs.