How to Care for A Wrought Iron Fence

How to Care for A Wrought Iron Fence

How to Care for A Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron is one of the long-lasting materials that can be twisted to many beautiful forms to create outstanding designs for fences. This same characteristic is what a wrought iron fence has to offer, it is beautiful and everlasting, but do not let rust get the best out of it because it would affect its beauty and reduce its longevity.

How do you care for your wrought iron fence to maintain its firm and good look?


Proper protection of your fence from rain which could make your iron fence rust and from atmospheric moisture that may surface due to cold weather is very important. Check around your iron fence regularly to ensure that weeds and vines are kept away to avoid rust, clear the bushes if necessary.

You can also apply some coating of car wax to your fence to prevent those elements that may get your fence to rust from penetrating into the iron. You can also apply a rust-preventing paint or spray on your fence to keep it looking good as new.


Another one is making sure you clean your fence often times. This can be done with a warm water and soap. Since the aim is to keep the fence from getting rust, whenever you notice any dust or dirt on the iron, it is advisable you clean it as soon as possible to prevent rusty element from escaping in.

You can also make use of a hard brush, or a used toothbrush preferably to wash the narrow part to ensure it is well cleaned after which you can rinse with water then leave it to dry.

Repairing the Rusty area

Is there a part on your iron fence that is showing signs of rust and you have done everything you can to remove it but all to no avail? It is essential that your fence is free of rust, so try using a fine wire brush with sandpaper to scrub off the rusty area after which you can spray it using rust inhibiting paint for protection. If you are still finding it hard to do this, you can reach out for a professional fence contractor in Debary to do the job for you.

Regular Inspection

Even if it is just once in a year, try to inspect your fence thoroughly. This would keep you informed of how your fence is doing, if there is anything wrong or if it is just fine. A regular check would help you find any cracks or damage early and take the necessary steps to fix it.

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Taking proper care of a wrought iron fence can be a daunting job, from washing the dirt to brushing off rusty surface and finally spraying with rust inhibiting paint. If this is something you feel you cannot do or you do not have the time to spare, why not call on Byers Fence, your professional and highly recommended fence contractor in Debary? Contact us today via telephone or email for a free consultation.