All you need to know about the Best Livestock fencing

All you need to know about the Best Livestock fencing

All you need to know about the Best Livestock fencing

The fence contractors in Debary have the required skill and expertise to help you construct the right ranch fencing that will significantly lower the loss of livestock such as horses, cows, hogs, and other animals that possess the ability to dig under, jump through and damage a fence. Not only that, fence contractors in Debary will help you with the right fencing that will keep unwanted visitors and predators out of your farm.

This article is prepared to give you all the necessary information you need to know about the best livestock fencing available. Also, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the best livestock fence and possible livestock behavior before choosing your fence.

Facts you need to know about livestock fencing

The fence requirements for keeping your livestock in hinges majorly on the type of animal involved. For instance, horses require a fence that is well visible to them. This is important to avoid being entangled in the fence, because of this reason and the material strength, wooden rail fencing is appropriate for the horses. The fencing contractors in Debary are good at installing smooth wire fencing. This type of fencing is suitable for containing cattle, to ensure a perfect enclosure; the smooth wire fencing should be at least 55 inches tall and attached to treated wooden posts.

A stronger fencing system is required in a situation where you want to separate the bulls from cows. A larger wire gauge, thicker post and a robust system of fencing are essential to stop the bulls from attacking the cows.

In the case of hogs, you need to consider wire panels that are strong and resistant to collapse in case of collision with the excited hogs.

The best way to prevent stubborn goats from escaping is by the use of electrified net wire fencing rigidly attached to posts made for commercial purposes. When it comes to installing the right fencing for your livestock, the fencing contractors in Debary are professional when it comes to livestock fencing.

Benefits of stockade fencing for rearing Livestock

Stockade fencing comes with lots of benefits. Some of the merits of stockade fencing are as follows;

  • Boost the value of your home and business
  • Simple to install
  • Little maintenance requirement
  • Strict adherence to county codes and regulation

It is highly recommended for confining hogs, chickens, turkey and other small-sized livestock.

Livestock-friendly wire fences

This is an animal-friendly fence that is also regarded as smooth fencing. It is called smooth fencing because the fence is not fortified with sharp barbs. The advantages of this type of animal fencing are;

  • It helps to deter intruders
  • It removes the risk of animal injury
  • Animals are less likely to be entrapped or entangled in it
  • It is strong enough to keep larger livestock enclosed.

Wire fences are usually used to contain llamas, cows, horses, and other bigger-sized livestock.

Wooden Ranch Rail fencing for much bigger Livestock

Wooden Ranch rail fencing is the best choice of many homeowners and farmers today. It has been in existence for hundreds of years, and it works well to contain animals like horses, sheep and small herds of cows. The fence contractors in Debary will help you paint your wooden Ranch rail fence without interfering with the wood preservation properties. Contact us today at Byers Fence to get started.