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Garden Fence and HouseWhat are the Standards and the Right Materials?

Before starting any construction work on a garden or house fence, you must check with the town planning department of your municipality to know the rules in force in your area. you must comply with general standards.

Is the municipality requirement important?

The completion of a fence does not require the granting of a building permit. On the other hand, the obligation to file a declaration of work can appear in the PLU of your community and you will not be able to derogate there if your ground to be closed is located in a protected and/or classified sector.

Fences within the same property or built in hedgerows or ditches, as well as fences of forestry and agricultural activities, do not require a declaration of work.

The material of the fence

Some planning documents may, at the local level, advise, and even impose, particular materials to carry out your fences. It's the same with color.

The installation of the fence

Be careful to respect the place of installation of your garden fence or house! It must be placed on the edge of your land and not straddle the boundary between you and your neighbor.

The different materials to make a fence

Whether to fence a garden or a house, there are several types of materials to achieve this separation. Everything depends on the land to delimit and especially the tastes and style of each, as well as the budget for closing.

Byers Fence offers several choices of fences

Take the time to choose the type of fence you need, because it is important that you like it and that it meets the needs you have, because once installed it will be there for a long time. Our company has been offering fence installation and repair for several years in Debary.

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